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Apple To Start Charging Developers For Search Privileges

Well it seems that now people have to prepare themselves for some latest controversy, as per a report by Bloomberg, it is stated that there are big changes which are being considered by Apple fireguards to their iOS App Store which includes search results via Google which will be paid. This means that if developers want to gain the benefit of being on the top of the search list on Apple Store, they would be charged for the privilege.

Apple To Start Charging Developers For Search Privileges

It is also believes that this is one of the ways for an opportunity to generate revenue for the AppStore which is being considered by Apple. It is also believed that a secret team of 100 people has already been put together by the company which also consists of the remnants of the company’s iAD department.

Presently from the sales of the App Store, the company takes a 30% cut which is a very healthy amount that is made by the company. The App Store has around 1.5 million apps that are register with them right now. Ever since it was launched in 2008, the number of downloads that has been made is more than 100 billion. However, in the recent months, there was a tweak that was reportedly made by the company to the search. In December, the responsibility of the App Store was moved by the company, it has been handed over to the Sr. VP of Marketing Phil Schiller from the Sr. VP of software and services Eddy Cue.

This also results to the question will the new paid search feature are helpful and easy for iPad and iPhone users when they are trying to search for an app? Or is this just an alter way for the making some extra money? The criticism was already taken by the company about the plan that was reported when Jon Gurber of Daring Fireball called the idea as a terrible one.

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