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Phone Hackers to Be hired For Lucrative Contract Jobs

In the recent case with Apple, FBI had to hire grey hackers for unlocking the iPhone which was recovered from the shooter. FBI requested multiple times to Apple to help them in unlocking the iPhone however they straight away refused to help them with their request. The argument went in the court too however no such conclusion was withdrawn in favor of FBI. The debate is still on between the law makers and tech companies. While tech companies says that they are in favor of keeping the encryption for the safety and security of the data of the consumers, lawmakers say that they should be keeping them in loop.

Phone Hackers to Be hired For Lucrative Contract Jobs

The killer in San Benardino Syed Rizwaan was using an iPhone device. It could be an important clue in the case and so is why FBI so desperately wanted to get the device unlocked. Apple iPhone being an encrypted device becomes a tough call to unlock. They requested several times for getting the device unlocked however their persuasions could not bring any fruitful viable result for them. Apple straight away denied to help and showed them an exit entry.

James Comey, FBI’s director stayed quiet for most of the time on Apple’s behavior towards the case however he also clarified that due to the negligence of Apple FBI had to spend millions of dollars on unlocking the device. Now the government organizations are making an exception towards hiring people on contract who can unlock the devices for them. The people who will be hired on contract for such jobs will have to maintain the privacy. Looking at the gesture of the tech companies, it is important for the government organization to hire such people. The people hired for the contract assignments will also have to maintain the trick of the trade. They shall not be allowed to share how are they going to unlock the device.

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