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New Keyboard App From Giphy Helps To Surf Through GIFs Easily

Giphy is one of the top rated companies of the world who exclusively deal in GIFs. With the release of its new GIF app for the Apple keyboard, the company is reaching new heights in the GIF industry. With this new app, the user of Apple keyboards can not only gain access to GIFs from Giphy, but also they can search for most appropriate GIFs easily. Named the Giphy Keys, this new app will make searching for GIFs a much better experience for regular users. The users who regularly converse with others by frequently using the GIFs will be able to easily search for the most appropriate GIFs much more easily than they previously had.

New Keyboard App From Giphy Helps To Surf Through GIFs Easily

Though immensely useful to the regular users of GIFs, others will find no significant use for the app. On the other hand, the Giphy Keys keyboard is still stuck with the same issue which every other Apple keyboard has. Over the years, the Apple keyboard has still not made a very good progress among the regular users of computers and thus, the keyboard also does not feel much like the default QWERTY keyboard everyone is used to.

The best feature of the new Giphy Keys is that it is quite an easy application to load and start up. Not only does it help to get to the required GIFs much faster and without any hassle, it also remembers the recent Gifs used. This is a very good feature for regular GIF users. On the other hand, for the general public, this particular keyboard is no more than a luxury. One of the bad features of the new Giphy Keys is that it does not support auto‐correct. Although at times users are quite irritated by the auto‐correct feature of keyboards, but once it’s not there, they quickly feel the irritation one feels when they have to look at each word they are typing, to make sure the spellings are correct.

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