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Final Cut Pro X Now Lets You Tweet Your Videos Directly

The latest utility that the Arctic Whiteness folks have brought in is the VideoTweet feature. This allows you to share your videos directly in twitter with the help of the Final Cut Pro X. Appearing as one of the expert options that can be found within Final Cut Pro X, this is a way that can get your Twitter follows can see your latest video project.

Final Cut Pro X Now Lets You Tweet Your Videos Directly

The integration of the Final Cut Pro X is just one of the parts that come along with Video Tweet feature. The app on its own is also a tool that is considered to be a standalone told which  makes a lot of things possible. Not only do you get to select a particular portion from a video however you also have the ability to disable or enable the video and inside a tweet embed the video.

All the compatible formats of QuickTime are supported by Video Tweet. This includes.m4v, .mp4 and .mov. There is also an extension that a special feature in which the videos that are on your desktop can be shared. It also shares from anywhere else including the Photos app.

For those who are used to editing videos regularly, the feature of sharing from the Final Cut Pro X will be valuable. It also lets you go ahead and configure your various accounts that you have with Twitter inside the app so that you can share your video. Apart from that, you can also add in that special touch of a Text to make it more fun. The developer’s website allows you to download the VideoTweet for free. If you want you can also opt for a paid version which removes the link and hash tags from the tweets you upload. That is available for $3.41. This is an app that is worth thinking about.

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