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Apple Lets Its Customers Know The Lifespan Of Their Products After Extensive Study

We all know that the products that are launched by Apple are known to be long lasting and solid in comparison to the rival products. We also know that Apple takes a lot of care during the production of their devices as well as use quality materials which contribute towards the quality of their products. This is why their devices cannot be sent for recycling for a very long time. Not many people know exactly after how many years can their Mac, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone may last before it is sent for recycling or before it is switched off for the last time.

Apple Lets Its Customers Know The Lifespan Of Their Products After Extensive Study

The question about how does the company conduct its assessment to the Product Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle, the answer would be on the notes that Apple has come up with after doing an extensive study. The lifespan of the tvOS device and OS X which includes the Apple TV, Macbook or iMac is close to around 4 years. For the watch OS or iOS devices which include the Apple Watch, iPad or iPhone is around 3 years.

Ti goes without saying that those people who have worked on the Newton Message Pad and Apple ll will know that the devices of Apple are not synonymous with obsolescence that are built in. This does not mean that people replace their iPhones or Macs every 3‐4 years because it breaks, although this is a stat that is interesting.

For those who have spent $17,000 or more on the Apple Watch edition that is on the top end this may not be that promising, especially if you thought that it could be an heirloom which could be handed down for generations. The above answer is the closest that can be given to those who want to know how long the products of Apple can last.

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