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ICloud Data Is Not As Secured As The Physical Device

The ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI pertaining to the unlocking of the iPhone that was retrieved which belonged to eh shooter Syed Farook has now managed to go ahead and bring the complete privacy policy of the company in public eye.

ICloud Data Is Not As Secured As The Physical Device

All the information which surrounds the case has helped to makes things clear that even though the information that is stored on the devices cannot be accessed by the company, however it is not in the case of the backups that are stored on iCloud.

The company has the ability to decrypt the information that is present in the iCloud backup as well as also help the authorities out by giving the information to them in the event when the authorities have the warrant which orders them to do so. This is also in case of the San Bernardino.

The Verge had posted a piece which had a title pertaining to the Loophole of the iCloud. This piece gave a glimpse of the iCloud backup of the company and even highlighted the fact as to why the data that is stored on the iCloud cannot be secured

Almost all the data that is stored can be decrypted by the company. An official of the company had told Mossberg that this is possible especially since the security and privacy issues are different between the physical devices considering that it can be stolen or misplaced and the iCloud. When information is stored on the iCloud, the company can access it so that the data can be restored.

The backup data that is on the iCloud will consist of the text and iMessage that have been sent and received; it will also have videos and photos, the different settings and app data on the device and even the password of the voicemail.

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