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Company Politics: iCloud Revamp Can Wait For Now

Company politics is really restricting Apple’s growth plan and top officials are really tensed. Apple wanted its independent cloud infrastructure, but some employees are really against it. Revamping the back ends will make information storage very easy and they don’t have to depend on external companies. There are two groups situated in Apple; one group manages Siri while the other manages iMessage. Engineering managers clearly oppose this move and one of them has resigned. If the others submit their resignation too, Apple’s workforce will become very weak. The administration can’t afford this loss, so they decided to wait for a few days.

Company Politics: iCloud Revamp Can Wait For Now

Apple learnt an important lesson in 2016 and over dependence on iPhone is not taking them anywhere. More money is generated from Apple Music, iCloud, iTunes and Apple Pay. But iCloud is not future‐ready, it requires some changes and internal conflicts are acting as roadblocks. To incorporate these changes, a huge amount of work needs to be done and employees are not ready to put in that much effort. To make software services more reliable, the entire infrastructure needs a revamp. The system asks for the Apple ID constantly and this demanded change. They are losing customers in this way, which is bad for business.

Having rival teams in the same company is dangerous and sadly Apple is experiencing a similar issue. Smart technology is capable of making thousands of people jobless and the team leader is holding on to his ground firmly. Apple must act smart and involve them in some other work.

Postponing developments does no good and Tim must talk with both teams. Apple Maps need powerful cloud support and they have very little time to make things right. A solution will come out surely but the sooner it comes, the better for Apple. Internet services give them more revenue and 60% profit is basically huge.

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