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Impossible Comeback! iPhone SE Is Back In The Game Again

Apple knows when to hit the accelerator and mixed reports don’t worry them. They believe in their engineering and iPhone SE’s story is just incredible. China is a strange market for mobile brands and the country’s population can alter anything. Apple knew, if they can please Chinese customers, they don’t need to worry about anything else. But iPhone SE had too many problems, even company officials gave up hope. Huawei became complacent and their initial success prevented them from trying anything now. Xiaomi also suffered a similar fate and Apple is set to make a comeback. The retailers have received a huge number of preorders and analysts became optimistic about SE.

Impossible Comeback! iPhone SE Is Back In The Game Again

The market is massively segmented and Apple never made cheap phones before. It is true that iPhone SE’s price attracts many buyers, but budget brands offer better features. Samsung somehow falls in both categories and this puts them in an advantageous situation. People want capable smartphones and the brand is not an issue. Apple never faced this completion before and they are slowly learning the new rules. From Vivo to Oppo, earning performances of all brands will be affected and surprisingly iPhone SE is reversing Apple’s dismal performance. Chinese consumers love foreign brands and Apple gets the most amount of love. The demand skyrockets in no time and this continued for quite some time.

This is mainly due to Steve Jobs, this man had amazing powers and people followed him blindly. They don’t even look at the features; they just go and buy the latest device. Steve managed to influence them and it still lives on. No country shows this kind of enthusiasm and Apple’s cash bank kept on increasing. Luxury items increase a person’s status and young buyers believed in this concept. They worshiped Apple and this fetishism is slowly fading. The social values have changed and this new age believes in performance.

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