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IPhone SE Sales Booming Above Supply Rates, States Tim Cook

Tim Cook had recently commented that the sales of the new iPhone SE are quite extraordinary and the company can keep up the supply as per the requirements of the demand chain of the product. Recently, we have seen various reports stating that the new iPhone SE is still not easily available in online markets, and also not it retail outlets because of the lack of supply of the product. Moreover, according to Tim Cook, the company has already got some over the top orders for their lowest priced Apple iPhone SE.

IPhone SE Sales Booming Above Supply Rates, States Tim Cook

According to various reports, Apple has actually increased the orders for the Apple iPhone SE chipset from as low as 4 million units to 5 million units to counter the explosive demands of the new iPhone. Moreover, the Taiwanese company which supplies Apple with the various parts has stated that the company is actually decreasing the manufacturing of their latest flagship model, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s. According to the reports, the sales of these iPhones have dropped considerably in the past few months, compelling Apple to take such a decision. Moreover, the sales of these flagship models of the iPhone are said to decline further as days go by.

Although the sales of the high priced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has dropped a lot, the increase in sales of the smaller iPhone SE can indeed help the company to combat with the decline in revenue the company is facing. On the other hand, according to a top Apple analyst, the smaller iPhone SE has a smaller margin of profit than the flagship models. The main reason behind this is the lesser price of the device. The flagship models being high priced, shows a bigger loss than the iPhone SE can fill in.

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