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China Had The Biggest Sales Of The New iPhone SE Since Its Launch

After the launch of the new iPhone SE, the company has seen revolutionary sales across the globe. The most impressive sales figure till date has come out of China. According to a report compiled and published by CNBC, China had one of the largest pre orders of the new iPhone SE among all other countries the phone is being launched in. as per the retailers, over 3.4 million iPhone SEs have been preordered by Chinese consumers of Apple.

China Had The Biggest Sales Of The New iPhone SE Since Its Launch

The report further went on into stating that the most ordered color of the new iPhone SE is the golden colored phone and ranking only second is the rose gold colored model of iPhone SE. If the final numbers are affirmative, the most popular colored iPhone SE had approximately 1.3 million pre orders, whereas the second most ordered color reached a high number of 1.2 million. Moreover, on adding the figures of china with those of all other countries where the iPhone SE has been marketed, or will be marketed, it can be seen that the number of sold products will be absolutely huge.

Previously, when Apple had launched their products, Apple did not allow their products to be preordered. This resulted in immense long lines outside the Apple retail stores all across the world. The option to let users preorder the new model is a calculated step taken by Apple to reach the audience faster and sell their product. As of date, Apple had not provided anyone with any kind of numbers regarding sales.

The main reason behind it is that Apple is really not in favor of sending out sales figures for specific models of Apple products. Thus, one will have to wait to get the final sales figure only after a week or so.

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