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New Challenge! WhatsApp Aims to End Apple’s Dominance, Offers Upgrade

Apple can’t dominate a platform for long, competitors have really cornered them. “FaceTime” changed the way people called each other; WhatsApp wants a piece of that pie. Direct competition is very tough, the small company has prepared from all sides. They really did well in accumulating their user base; it is time for some exciting features. Mark warned them about the tough nature of this market, WhatsApp’s team was up for it. The first thing they had to offer was encryption, it was done correctly. Video data is confidential; it can’t get out under any circumstances. This update slowly reached every region, reactions are mixed though.

New Challenge! WhatsApp Aims to End Apple’s Dominance, Offers Upgrade

Skype dominated it as they had the proper infrastructure; the load was too much for WhatsApp. They just had a single app, every activity began from there. The file size became larger; the phone’s RAM often gave up. Their main competition is Apple, the blog mentioned that. They are rectifying the areas where Apple performed poorly. The journey is long; it will consist of small phases. Will iPhone users prefer this? A strange question is bothering many executives, no data is available now. WhatsApp must improve the service; “FaceTime” offers exceptional service.

Voice messages are good, texts are cool too. But some emotions need a visual effect; WhatsApp gave a precious gift to the users. It has almost everything now; the app is targeting a complete media experience. After each quarter, Mark assesses the market. He looks for new features and tries to put them in his services. Some are special for WhatsApp, while others are perfect for WhatsApp. Windows will not be left behind, they will enjoy it too. Apple must welcome this feature; they can learn many things by analyzing the app data. The picture becomes still after some moments, the processing is also slow. User reviews are used for improving the service.

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