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New Role! Apple Gives New Responsibility to Jony Ive

Apple always shuffles positions and encourages the employees to take up different roles. Cook is fully aware of Ive’s talent, he will use it smartly. Jony Ive thought about leaving Apple, but the design department needs his talented mind. Some company sources are speculating that Ive is set to join another company, Jony totally washed it out. His career has a few more years left; some great designs will come out of his mind. The design officer has a tiring schedule; he uses his brain in different things. Experienced employees often get involved in other projects, this is natural.

New Role! Apple Gives New Responsibility to Jony Ive

Ive appears in many podcasts, he discusses Apple’s internal policies. John Gruber asked him direct questions, Ive was bound to answer. There are numerous options; some young people can easily take his position. Architectural projects follow a strict plan, Ive wanted to try out this venture. Retail stores are designed innovatively; some blueprints were finalized by Ive. This creative man loves involvement; Apple is not providing that fully. Some websites used information from this interview and created a sensational story. This rumor is not new; it is circulating for a long time. In 2015, he received a major promotion, Ive loves this atmosphere.

Ive doesn’t have to think about management, he is not an administrator. Cook personally selects these roles, he understood Jony’s capability. Gruber made some big predictions, Ive will not correct him. Gruber had to write a lengthy blog to clarify his claims, false information was spreading rapidly. Ive’s devotion is on a different level, it can’t be questioned. Apple has different sections, every section is equally different. Creative people need change, Cook just provided that. His authority greatly increased, it represents his position correctly. Gruber’s intentions were harmless, some websites represented that differently. Ive is staying for a long time, everyone knows that.

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