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Going Live! Instagram Does Something Amazing, Snapchat Finished

Facebook can be the market leader, but the competition from Instagram is terrific. Mark has made sure that the rivalry happens in the ecosystem only. It can’t go out, other companies can’t challenge them. Snapchat continuously tried to spoil Facebook’s party and it just may end.

Going Live! Instagram Does Something Amazing, Snapchat Finished

Instagram is developed, it is filled with twists. The app has the unpredictability factor now, it reputedly surprises users. ‘Stories’ got a further boost, as live video came into it. Servers will feel less pressure, as nothing will be stored. Users are feeling safe after a long time; they will use it more now.

It teased the feature for months, market testing happened in that time. Live Video’s popularity compelled Instagram to implement it; other apps are already creating much noise. This can definitely increase its base, but users must find it useful. How will brands use it? Marketers have a great potential, they can easily use the 500 million user base. Stories will be developed continuously; it is just the beginning. They are already thinking about bringing down Periscope, it is doing too well. Pictures are good, but users always wanted live experiences. From travelling to eating, the video element adds a new dimension.

Direct messages needed to be more private, Instagram finally heard the complaints. Photos will be sent easily and the disappearance will happen even faster. Camera app is even more vital now, it has superior capabilities. The receiver’s actions will also be recorded; Instagram made it a two-way street. Conversations will be more secure than ever, Instagram is for millennials. Friends can pick a suitable time and start the live show; it is really about better connectivity. They need to add more live filters, this is one are Snapchat is winning. They are bringing out the true emotions from people, this is true social media.

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