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Cool Feature! Instagram Gives More to iOS Users, Snapchat Worried

As different social networks became popular, Instagram was not left behind. The app accumulated users and got its own niche audience. It is now valued in billions, the user base is pretty large too. Being famous on this platform is a social goal, guys and girls strive to achieve that. From models to food bloggers, “Instafame” is needed by everyone. Topics are curate here; the world is shown in a different way.

Cool Feature! Instagram Gives More to iOS Users, Snapchat Worried

Mark understood its power and instantly bought it. He is really fast to react to these situations. It works under Facebook’s banner, but the site functions separately. Mark never interferes with their creative fame, he reviews important decisions though.

The basic part is editing, if a person can edit well, he/she will get fame. Instagram is also a place for artists, from painting to photography; different art forms are curated here. But people are not satisfied often, they want more edits. Once the picture goes live, nothing can be done. As things happen quickly, the user’s reaction time is less. Facebook has avoided this problem; they let users do as much editing, as they want. It is the best website for many reason, users are secured here. Their options are plenty, they do things slowly. Facebook appeals to the less creative people, Instagram requires some kind of intelligence.

Before launching the innovative feature, Instagram gave it to selected users in 2016. They did their bit and gave the feedback, it was useful. The addition is small though, it will not affect the main algorithm. Instagram wants people to have fun; the app’s complexity can’t come in the way. They copied other popular networks to made more features visible. Users must wait patiently, the roll out is happening part by part. The performance in dim conditions also improved recently, photographers cherished it. The focus will still be on stories, it needs promotion.

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