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Instagram Testing A/B For Monochromatic Design For Users

The social media site Instagram is said to be making and rolling some changes to their user interface. Instagram is reportedly working upon making some changes in the order of the images. They are testing the re design of the app. The company is working upon changing the look and feel of the app for all the iOS platform phones. Instagram has not released any major changes in their app ever since they have launched it. They are completely done with their classic design now. They are looking to apply fresh and new trending designs which has been applied by all other companies too. Instagram is currently in A/b testing mode.

Instagram Testing A/B For Monochromatic Design For Users

They are currently testing the new design with only a small section of the people. They want to find the reaction of the people before making the changes to compete user base. The company is switching to the monochromatic design from the classic design now. The overall functionality will remain same apart from slight changes in the look and feel of the app.

Last month, Instagram has added the sixty second support video for the users. According to the  claims of the company, their video viewership has been raised by more than 40 percent in last six months. The company is also planning to create a personalized algorithm for all the users on Instagram. It would allow the users to display their content differently. It could be a mere gamble for the company however they are ready to be taking it and playing upon it sincerely.

Instagram has also confirmed Mashable about their idea behind redesign and the A by B testing with the user’s base. A very section of the random active users will be receiving the upgrade and based on their reaction, the company will be taking their final decision on rolling the changes in the account.

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