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Japan Sponsors 3000 Gyms for Pokémon Go

The popular augmented reality game Pokémon GO is all set to be hitting Japan. This is the home nation of the parent company of Pokémon GO. After the grand success of the game across rest of the countries, the game is sooner expected to be a part of Japan now. Pokémon GO is expecting a round of applause in Japan as well now. The game has already broken all stats in the record by now. The game stands as the first game to be achieving a world record of most number of active gamers and most number of downloads.

Japan Sponsors 3000 Gyms for Pokémon Go

The makers of Pokémon GO are expecting to add some advertising to the game now. This shall help them to additionally monetize the game and make some quick extra bucks. There are more than 3000 outlets of McDonalds in Japan. All of these outlets will be turning into sponsored gyms for the Pokémon GO gamers. The players can join and take over this place for game battle. The idea is very pleasant to make some extra bucks from other business. In a way they are also adding conversions to the business of McDonald by sending people to their outlets. This idea

will be helping both of them hand in hand. While Pokémon GO gets profitable directly by  making upfront money from McDonalds, these retailers will have to convert their consumers on their own. If the model of the revenue monetization gets successful for the company they will be spreading the idea to the rest of the world. The game is already ranking number 1 on the play store and pulling crowd should not be a concern for them at least. For the next 12 months, the app revenue from Apple is also expected to be in billions for the game developing company. The game is available for free to download from the app store for the users.

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