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iPhone is Perfect for Augmented Reality Proves Pokémon Go and Snapchat

Pokémon Go is the virtual world that came true in the recent days. This fantasy world is a recent craze and a real-life phenomenon. People had been running behind Pikachu, catching them and pumping up some real actions through this virtual game.

iPhone is Perfect for Augmented Reality Proves Pokémon Go and Snapchat

Released this year, the mobile game is played by a number of iPhone users in the US. They are spending more time on the game compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More than 20 million people play Pokémon Go every day and this has made Nintendo more popular compared to Sony.

The hype of the new mobile game proves that people are ready to accept new technology such as augmented reality up and until they run on gadgets like iPhones. “And this mainstream adoption can faster pretty quickly, too, faster than you can says, Jigglypuff.” (Quotation) However, for the viewers and readers, Pokémon Go is mostly like a turning point moment for the augmented reality. However, things have not changed in overnight.

The fact says that AR is not something new in iPhone. Prior to Pokémon Go, another iOS app Snapchat has also leveraged AR solutions.

In the iPhone Show video above, Oscar is taking a close look at how selfie-lenses in Snapchat help to spur the augmented reality. He also had the discussion on Pokémon Go, which brought AR in action in the real world. This video will give you a sense of how you can augment the pets in your house to look like a Pikachu.

Apps such as Pokémon Go and Snapchat suggest that they won’t be evolving the trend to wear high-definition headsets to experience AR. They wanted mobile augmented reality more of a phenomenon, which has its own identity. As there are iPhones and a few Pokeballs, mobile AR can sustain their identity for a long time.

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