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Pokémon Go Receives Letter from Niantic Again

Even after a day has not crossed, when Niantic has clarified the security issues that are related  to the game Pokémon Go, a new letter has already been issued to him. In the letter that has been issued to the founder of the new game, that has been downloaded astonishingly in different parts of the world, the Senator, Al Franken asked some of the questions where he cleared out about the understanding he requires.

Pokémon Go Receives Letter from Niantic Again

Pokémon and its popularity

Pokémon Go is the game that has been downloaded in millions. Only in US, the game has been downloaded 7.5 million times. So the popularity of the game has reached the peak. The question of the senator in the letter, he issued, is directed towards the data that is collected through the game and stored in the server.

All about the letter issued

· First of all, his assumption is that the game is downloaded and played by the kids. So what is the necessity of so many data files. The company builds an array of data, including the location of the kid and also the google account details. Senator asked about the reason to collect the data.

· If the data is collected for a third party sell out, then he also mentioned in the letter a question related to the names of the third party customers, where the data has been sold out. The letter also asked whether the data has been taken out with the consent of the parents of the kids. If the data is not sold or not taken with the consent of the guardians, then what is the data for?

· The senator also mentioned that this is the issue about the security and privacy of the citizens of US. The company is hence liable to state the details of the data that has been collected and suggested to find out a way to get the consent of the guardians for the data. So, Niantic is again under a scrutiny, which he will have to answer.

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