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Designer Watch Straps for Apple iWatch to Be out Soon

Apple has given a good new to all the consumers of their iWatch. From a very long time, people had been complaining about the colors of the straps of the iWatch. They were not quite happy with the available choices however now Apple has finally partnered with Hermes for bringing some fresh colors to their collection. The straps are available to be bought from the market however they are not easy on pocket. They are available at $340 each It has been rumored that the second highest most well‐known fashion designer Coach is also partnering with Apple to launch his collection of straps. Coach is a well‐known designer in the fashion industry and is excited to work with Apple. His designed straps are set to be available at $150 each and are expected to be launched by June end.

Designer Watch Straps for Apple iWatch to Be out Soon

In total eight watch bands has been designed by coach centered on black, white, brown and red colors. A small charm of the little flowers has been attached to the bands. Hermes will be the iWatch face and the straps will be bundled around the device too however coach designed bands will be sold separately as third party devices. The straps will be soon available to be bought on online stores too. Amazon is expected to sell the straps soon. With the price at $150 for Coach and $340 for the Hermes , it is very costly to afford. The company is not betting on the numbers this time. They are aware that these straps will only be bought by specific people from selected niche. Like all the Apple products being costly, the straps were purely expected to be pricey too. We hope the company to be selling good number of straps too. Sooner Apple will share the progress of the unit sales of their devices straps too.

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