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Apple May Soon Upgrade iWatch with Network

Apple’s iWatch s getting the next generation update, Sooner it will have the network connectivity. Apple is planning to give it an additional benefit of network with the upcoming update sin coming years. Apple’s iWatch was the first in the wearable technology. After the world wide acceptability of the technology now Apple is trying to bring more perfect ness to the gadgets.

Apple May Soon Upgrade iWatch with Network

The new upcoming watch is expected to be a lot more thin than its earlier some versions. Apple has also announced stand‐alone apps for their device which means that Apple iWatch will not be controlled by iPhone any more. The iWatch will have separate apps.

Apple is making every possible attempt to revise the design of their upcoming iWatch 2. As if now iWatch is just an accessory for the iPhone. It is nothing without the iPhone however now Apple is trying to make it a complete on own device. Apple wants to launch their iWatch as a stand‐alone device which need not iPhone device. This is one of the strategies of the company to make the iWatch device a complete gadget on its own. The company has also planned to add further more features to the iWatch.

Apple has started working on designing smart straps for the watch which shall be helpful enough in charging the iWatch as well monitoring the pulse rate, Blood pressure and other health checkups. With the addition of the network to the iWatch it is expected that Apple will be able to boost the sales of their wearable devices in the market. Apple has also tied up with some of the designers for launching designer straps for their watches. These straps will be sold separately and can be bought by the people who want to give a new look to their smart wear.

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