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Apple Beats Down Microsoft Legacy in Tablets

Apple is already taking over the legacy of the Microsoft in the tablet market. Apple’s iPad pro is undoubtedly beating all odds in sales. They have already taken over the competition by a huge and in fact very huge margin against all the companies. Talking about the quarterly sales reports already 4.9 million units has been sold by the company. Apple’s iPad pro is one of the highest selling tablets in market.

Apple Beats Down Microsoft Legacy in Tablets

Apple always had own plus point in phones, iPhones used to be the hot cake in market however now iPad pro has also found its place in the competition  Microsoft tablet Surface, the so called detachable tablet is having a hard time in finding new consumers. After being directly compared with iPad device, they are anyways losing big‐time in market. Microsoft’s surface device allow the tablet to be separately connected with mouse and keyboard making it a complete laptop or a handheld tablet device however in case of iPad pro, smart connector is adding more value.

The tablet market has shrinked down from the last year. There are lesser number of people buying a separate tablets for their usage when phones are already doing the job better. Due to larger screen phones available in market, the charm for tablets has gone down severely. Tablets also do not acquire any specific purpose for the users, they are more or less a large screen device which were bought for reading purpose as mainstream however even that reason has been diluted. Apple may be leading the market with highest numbers of sales however as a matter of fact even they have lost their market and seen a huge dip in the number of orders as compared to the last year. Samsung is following Apple on rank 2 however comparatively there is a huge gap in margin of sales between both.

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