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How Does The Investment Made Of 1996 For $1000 Made On Apple Turns Out To Look Today

For those who are fans of the tech industry, there will be many times when you will get to hear about stock prices that are record breaking or billionaire investors, this may often lead us to start thinking how they might have predicted or forecast things to have a life that they have and what if we could also do the same.

How Does The Investment Made Of 1996 For $1000 Made On Apple Turns Out To Look Today

Considering this factor, it may just ring a bell about the bets that would have been placed during the 1980’s in regards to Apple. Would we have known that by 1997, Steve Jobs would have turned the tables around for Apple or would it have been like the predictions made about the unsinkable ship Titanic where all our live savings would have been invested to know that it has crashed down?

As per a new study, it shows us about the returns that investors would have got if they had made an investment of $1000 in companies like IBM, Microsoft and Apple and after January 1st, 1996, the 20 year performance of the companies.

Starting from 1996, Steve Jobs was yet to return to the company, at that time, the show was being run by Microsoft thanks to the Windows 95 world and IBM super computer named Deep Blue had even beaten Garry Kasparov the world chess champion which resulted in the breakthrough of artificial intelligence.

Walking down 5 years, the data that was derived surprised the most. This was a reminder that the Think different iconic campaign and Bondi Blue iMac did not help to send the AAPL stocks touching the sky. While the investments made on IBM and Microsoft helped to bring home some returns, but for Apple that was not the case. The next 5 years showed how Apple had overtaken the profits of IBM and Microsoft thanks to its iTunes, iPod and even the Apple Computer. Ever since then, there has been no turning back for the company.

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