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No Agreement: FBI Looks For Answers, Apple Still Adamant

These two bodies are heading in completely wrong directions and the aftermath of their collision is still affecting the tech ecosystem. Their work procedure is massively different and cooperation is not something they are thinking about right now. Apple can’t help FBI the way they want, so the path ahead is full of obstacles. Apple’s lawyer handled this case very smartly and wanted to agree on a few things. FBI’s tech official expressed his optimism about cooperation as stand‐offs never solve crucial matters. Encrypted data began all problems and for everyone’s safety, a law must be present. Terrorism has become advanced and the cyber world is a very easy medium to send information.

No Agreement: FBI Looks For Answers, Apple Still Adamant

The original problem is not encryption; the root of this major issue lies in the word – ‘information’. This one thing is so addictive that companies will do anything to protect their data banks. FBI got in touch with some hackers and they decrypted the information. But there is something more to this story. Why is Apple protecting their private “information” so much?

There is definitely something fishy about iPhone hacking which Apple doesn’t want to disclose. Bruce Sewell finally agreed to FBI’s demands and Apple might decrypt the technology. Some questions are still left unanswered but Apple’s dual nature is evident.

When hackers access a system, some threats are always present; even if the government supervises the entire process. Apple fears this more than anything and from the next time they will look into this matter. Innocent users should never pay for their problems and Apple is determined to ensure it. FBI never wanted to be Apple’s rival, but the situation molded everything. Criminals use encryption to save themselves and for this only reason FBI is ruthless.

A fundamental disconnect is present and technology is struggling to grow because of this. However, China received a source code recently and it questions Apple’s real motive.

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