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Apple’s Latest Conference in June Set To Be The Platform for IOS 10

The latest Apple developer conference is scheduled for June from 13 till 17th. It will be a 4 day conference which will happen in San Francisco United states. This time the entrants will be decided upon the lottery system. The people who win their names in the lottery will be given free passes however the ones who are left will have to shell $199 for reserving a seat in the conference. Participants will have to login on to the website and create an apple id associating their debit or the credit card. Unless the name is not announced, the amount shall not be charged. The winning entrants get free passes for the developers conference and the ones who could not make it will be buying the passes for $1599 each against a seat.

Apple’s Latest Conference in June Set To Be The Platform for IOS 10

Each year the yearly conference is held by the company where they talk about their upcoming plans for the year and the next year. This year it is likely pre assumed that Apple shall be stressing more on updates about their OS X and IOS 10 for Apple 7. There is not much left for Apple this time to be discussed. Apple may also talk about their new launch which has been scheduled for September that is Apple iPhone 7. Starting 2017, there will be a major change in the Apple iPhone models. They are trying to bring some changes in the design as well as introduce a breakthrough technology all together for their iPhones model. If sources are believed then Apple may also drop their Aluminum casing for their next launch after iPhone 7. They are planning to bring the old glass back again to their models. As if now the design is not clear what and how Apple is going to experiment it and bring it into action.

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