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Offline Update For Microsoft Translator On IOS Platform

Microsoft seems to be very interested in IOS devices. Recently, in an interesting development, they have launched their support update for the Translator working on IOS platforms. Earlier the user had to stay connected with internet to be using the translation services for various other languages however with the new support update with the translator any user can unarguably change from one language to other.

Offline Update For Microsoft Translator On IOS Platform

This is one of the best offline apps launched so fat by any of the companies. Now any user can easily convert any language into another without the necessity of the internet in their phone. Most of the earlier translator were working online and none of them was functional without internet however in order to use Microsoft translator we will have to only download the language pack.

It is also of much importance for the users who have been using slower internet connection on their device or not been able to purchase and use internet connection. The app is free to be installed from the IOS apps marketplace, As if now there are 34 languages available to be translated. Microsoft has also launched a support for Safari pages. Any user who lands on a page where the language is unknown need not to worry, simply click on Microsoft translator it will help to translate the language for you easily without facing any hassles at user level.

The app comes at no download cost and can be found easily on App store of IOS devices. The support for all major foreign languages like Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Urdu, etc is available. The latest update is 2.13 for the app. The main languages list can be easily found for the user foe downloading the language pack of the translator.

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