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Instagram Makes Amends In Their Blog Lists Making It Easier For Users To Browse Through

Recently, in a blog post posted by Instagram, the company announced that they will be changing the way their posts are set in the blog page. The adjustments will be done only for Android and iOS app users, just like the Facebook allows their users to view blogs. Previously and till date, the blog posts in Instagram appeared in a chronological method, with the latest posts at the top. With the new adjustment feature, the blogs will be adjusted using a new algorithm which will be different for different users.

Instagram Makes Amends In Their Blog Lists Making It Easier For Users To Browse Through

According to the blog post, almost 70% of the blogs are not read by the users since they are not quite interested in all types and genres of blogs. Moreover, since the blogs are set in chronological method, some blogs are missed by users as new blogs appear even before the interesting blog was seen by the user. Since this creates a problem, Instagram is looking to combat the problem with allowing users to set the types and genres of blog they want to see in their feed.

Using this method, Instagram will be able to have better hits on their blog contents since the users will get only the best of blog posts according to their liking. Moreover, they can choose to follow certain bloggers and get only those specific posts and their notifications. This algorithm is still not in use by Instagram, but they promise to implement it soon and make it available to the users. Moreover, as soon as the facility is launched, they will look forward to the reviews and feedbacks of the users. According to these feedbacks, the company will modify the algorithm to make it much better and user friendly.

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