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Clean Your Room Using Just Your iWatch

In today’s age, most people are looking for items which work automatically at simply the click of a button. With internet and new smart phone technologies, none of the jobs today are manual. Moreover, at this age, a robot cleaning up one’s home automatically is also not enough. One needs to be able to control these hi‐tech devices with their hands. Thus, the recent Botvac connected robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled using just the Apple iWatch.

Clean Your Room Using Just Your iWatch

This particular device not only cleans the entire house automatically, but can also be started, stopped and maneuvered using the Apple iWatch. The original Apple product, iRobot Roomba 980, is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners in the market at present. Though it is a device which can clean the whole house automatically, it cannot be controlled using the iWatch.

On the other hand, the Botvac 3.8 is a device which not only is a robotic vacuum cleaner, but can also be controlled by the iWatch. One can easily start off its cleaning cycle any time of the day, from any location by simply accessing the device using their iWatch. They can also stop it at any time of the day, from anywhere using the same. Additionally, the Botvac 3.8 is such a device which actually sends back alert signals to the iWatch as soon as it completes one cleaning cycle. Created by Neato, this is the very first vacuum cleaning device which has the ability to be controlled using the iWatch.

The biggest advantage the Neato created Botvac 3.8 has over the Apple created iRobot Roomba 980 is that it can be controlled using the iWatch. Moreover, the Neato device is much cheaper than the iRobot, priced $150 less that the late, at $699 USD.

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