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The iCloud Space’s Being Held Reluctantly By Apple

Every since the San Bernardino mass shooting happened, Apple has been in the spotlight since all eyes are waiting to see what the company plans to do. The Chief executive of the company, Timothy D. Cook addressed the customers thru a letter on Tuesday emphasizing that it would be a dangerous precedent to allow the FBI to hack the company’s phone. The company even went to say that in order to that, there would have to come up with new software.

The iCloud Spaces Being Held Reluctantly By Apple

The notion has already been embraced by Apple executives pertaining to the fact that the company will not be a part of the investigation if the investigators want to gain access the iPhone that was found. However, there have been other ways where the company has cooperated with the orders of the court by allowing them to access iCloud and other online services. While this may feel like the company is being a hypocrite, but we all are aware of howthe services and products work. It is just all about technology.

For Apple customers, the company launched the Internet service called ICloud. This is a service which allows the users to backup or store their information on the device. This service is beneficial especially if the computer, tablet or phone is damaged badly or lost. There are also various other online services the company has introduced, like for law enforcements, the company has come up with the gold mine service.

Since the past few years, every now and then, giants like Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other companies have provided various kinds of transparency reports. In these reports, it shows that there have been many instances where the company has provided ay kind of information that was needed by the court not just in America but in other countries as well.

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