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New Features and Monsters to Be Introduced with Pokémon Go

Engadget reported that Pokémon Go‘s future development’s head up has already been given to the participants of Comic-Con form John Hanke who is the founder of Niantic Labs. It was stated that there will be more critters that would be introduced in Pokémon, which is said to be beyond the 150 characters of the original generation. A few of them would even go ahead and find a way to come into our universe. In the following years and months to come, the company hopes that they can go ahead and find a way that is interesting for things to happen.

New Features and Monsters to Be Introduced with Pokémon Go

Apart from that, customizations can also be added by Players since they have the ability to do so. Presently one can go ahead and ensure that a lure can be attached as at the location more Pokémon pops up. With this, in the particular area all the players can benefit a lot. It was also suggested by Hanke that various other customizations should also be possible in the various stops. A new function that could act as a possibility could be a pokecenter for monster healing. This is what had been cited by the boss of Niantic labs.

The mania of the game seems to still continue and it seems to be that across the world, the sanity may just be coming back. Soon after the game was launched, the market cap of Nintendo became doubled, it was released shortly by investors that they could benefit from it indirectly through Go. There were reports which were posted by Bloomberg where in it showed an 18% plunge in their shares, this is said to be the maximum that could be allowed for the trading which Tokyo Stock exchanges halts automatically. When the trading resumes, it is said that there could be a further drop.

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