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China’s NO for Pokémon Go

When the whole world is going ga ga over Pokemon Go, then only China is not letting it climb past its Great Wall because of a doubt. According to the Chinese people, this AR game is nothing but a plan to gain access into the Chinese Military Zone by America and Japan and to destroy them during a moment of Crisis. Though the authorities of China haven’t spoken on this issue, yet the topic is selling like hot cakes in the media.

China’s NO for Pokémon Go

The Game

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game where Pokemons are placed in different parts of a country and the trainers need to catch them. The trainers trace them via maps and then capture them. This game is a result of collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo and has been well applauded by the crowd for its offbeat thought. It has been holding the topmost position in App Store Charts since its launching day and has fared well in Europe. It is expecting to expand itself in Asian countries as well. This app can be downloaded for free but purchasing it gives more exciting boost ups.

China’s Fear

China’s fear is that when the makers of the game are placing rare pokemons in the nooks and corners of city, it is getting a clear image of the country. And now, if the trainer is denied access to certain parts then the people will easily understand that that is a restricted area and so they can target the area during any future war which will turn China into dust. Chinese Social Media is pointing fingers towards Japan and America, saying this is their plan. Even if the enthusiasts want the game to come to China it won’t be possible as Google is blocked there.

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