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Remembering Jobs! Tim Cook Gets Emotional, Handles Encryption Issue

Tech conclaves often have surprise guests, but Tim Cook’s presence makes it all the more special. The man keeps track of these things and shares his expertise with young people. In Utah, Cook raised a very important issue. He is still worried about encryption, the fight will continue forever. Apple has silenced some mouths, but they will not stay quiet for long. Tech firms should give the most amount of importance to security, backdoors must be abolished. Steve’s words are still embedded in his memory; he tries to fulfill his dreams. Utah is growing; they have a very strong community. The registered developers work with his company and they get paid handsomely.

Remembering Jobs! Tim Cook Gets Emotional, Handles Encryption Issue

Cook was very happy to be here, these young and passionate souls empowered him. His position never made him arrogant, the pursuit of knowledge will continue. Apple’s futuristic movement will continue, but core values will never change. Jobs taught them one thing; he focused on creating powerful products. Unimportant products will never affect lives, Steve always hated that. Digital communications are becoming complex; current methods will be useless at one time. Reasonable amount of privacy will be maintained, Apple can’t compromise that. Strong things can be broken too, Apple’s team is ready.

Steve was not just a creator, this dreamer transformed things. Employees respected him for various reasons, he thought about every one of them. Strong encryption will come, Apple needs to more stern. Questions came from all ends, Cook kept tackling them. Cyber attacks are easily identifiable, but the government attacks silently. This is dangerous and not acceptable.

Encryption is running in all major products, users can feel safe. From digital photography to augmented reality, Apple is also learning certain things. Customers give their full commitment; they also expect certain things in return. Apple will preserve their trust and fight with foreign  bodies.

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