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Tim Cook Wants To Invest In Augmented Reality Companies

The CEO of the Apple, Tim Cook has recently confirmed the investments of the company into augmented reality companies. The decision of the company was recently announced in the conference call made for the third fiscal quarter of 2016. Tim says that there is a huge potential in the augmented reality sector. Gene Munster, the analysts from Piper Jaffray says that Apple is expected to be gaining $3 billion over the next few years from Pokémon Go game. Cook says that Augmented Reality could be really great, it is the future now where Apple would like to invest with various companies.

Tim Cook Wants To Invest In Augmented Reality Companies

In the longer run, Augmented Reality is where Apple likes to see its investments. Apple’s chief is likely not happy with the decision of the company. He does not agree with the statement any further. He says that Apple is being over optimistic about the technology. Any new platform in field of the technology cannot be the next standalone technology. Today there are a number of companies today who are investing in space today. Apple is making their investments and purchases into Augmented Reality segment. They acquired Faceshift the specialist for motion capture and Metaio, the German company for Augmented Reality. Apple has also recently patented the technology behind the solutions for Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality display.

The sole focus of the company for the upcoming years is on the consumer products and especially on the app development and the apps. After the grand success of the Pokémon Go game, Apple’s attention has been drawn over the augmented reality. The Pokémon Go has broken all records ever made by any other game till date. Be it the most active number of users or number of downloads. Pokémon Go has managed to create a history. This is why Apple wants to create investment here.

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