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Taking a Look Inside the Long Game Played Tim Cook’s Apple

It doesn’t seem to be that Eddy cue’s appearance is that of a man who is having the toughest time in a long time. He was seen wearing blue jeans with an apricot camp shirt that was untucked along with racing shoes that was blue in color and made from leather. In internet software and services SVP was seen pulling up a chair out Café Macs which is known to be a restaurant that is located inside the Apple campus and is for the employees.

Taking a Look Inside the Long Game Played Tim Cooks Apple

While talking about the recent horror story of his, he stated those two nights earlier, from the courtside seat, he had the dismal pleasure of noticing during the MBA finals, the collapse of Golden State Warriors which is his favorite team loose. The game was against the Cleveland Cavaliers of LeBorn James. He even went and asked if he was seen as though he was morning, and went onto say that he was not even watching ESPN nor have logged onto any sports website. He has not even read the newspaper, the reason behind that? Well, that is because every time he turned on the TV, the DVR was the only thing he would go back to.

Across the table, the Software engineering SVP of Apple Craig Federighi also went on to tell Eddy that whatever was being spoken was on record for which he replied that he did not have a problem with that. The reason behind that is due to the fact that Cue is a fan of the Warriors. He also went ahead and enunciated on the iPhone that he loved LeBorn.

If you look at the future of Apple based on how it was earlier, the one thing that you will understand that with Cue, Federighi and Cook heading the company, there would be no better way than that.

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