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Pokemon Go to Begin Advertising For Local Businesses

The very well-known game Pokemon Go will soon be implementing advertisement via the sponsored locations. This will be helping to tap in footfall across the retail stores for the various businesses as by the Financial Times. The game currently populates the real time locations like the gyms, spas, etc. The game popularly brings in the real world locations which are more off a point of interest for the people. Pokemon Go brings in such well known popular point locations which are navigated by the people on the Google maps.

Pokemon Go to Begin Advertising For Local Businesses

The game is currently populating, ‘gyms’ and “Pokéstops’ type of the real world locations which a user searches. The makers of the phone will be soon charging the advertisers on the pay per visit basis. It will be largely making the players visit the location.

Nintac is looking this opportunity as a second way of making money. Mr. Hanke says companies and a lot of the advertisers are willing to pay them for making the people visit them to their locations. There is no confirmation yet from the makers of the Pokemon Go about the partnerships. Some people have noticed that, some sponsored references of the “McDonalds” was mentioned in the game’s code.

Bloomberg also reports that, some of the restaurants started experiencing a higher footfall much before they could start advertising with the augmented reality gaming partners. Pokemon Go, is a very well featured and popular game across United States and rest of the world. It is hugely demanded across all age groups of the people. All of them are cheering this game and like to play it. The game is addictive in itself of no reason amongst the people. The makers of the game are now also planning to venture with some of the private property owners across the other in game locations in various territories to lure more visitors.

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