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There are a Few Nasty Surprises that iOS 10 of Apple Comes with

The iOS10 was announced this week by Apple and it is an operating system that has a variety of upgrades and features in comparison to the iOS 9. However, there are a few surprises which can be really nasty. Well Nasty surprises and Great features is something that comes together when you are investing the updates of the operating system which comes with biggest problems and features that are hidden. So here are a few breakdowns of what you can look out for.

There are a Few Nasty Surprises that iOS 10 of Apple Comes with

The Dark Mode which is a feature that has been spoken about is missing. While it was announced for the tvOS, however it is yet to be launched for the iOS which are older. This can be something that can be really frustrating for such customers and they still wait to get something concrete from Apple.

Widgets which are half hearted are another thing that is a nasty surprise. The changes that has been made on the iOS 10 as per the decision of Apple was to add the support of the widget when it is on the lock screen mode. While this may be good in some cases, however what is really missing is that it has not been put into the home screen which is said to be the lace that is most obvious.

The Omission of the basic keyboard is also something that which can be a nasty surprise. While the goal primarily was to get a keyboard which will give you a good typing experience, but, it seems to be that Apple is trying to catch up by using the iOS keyboards which are third party from Swiftkey and Google. The split keyboard had been introduced by Apple quite some time back for the iPads.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are various other things that have been very disappointing and this list is only getting longer.

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