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Boost the Productivity of Your iPad Pro with these Features of the iOS 10

This year, in the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the one thing that was of no surprise was the revealing of the iOS 10, however after the feature had been previewed with the announcement, The one thing what was discouraging was the fact that the features in the upcoming iPhone lacked a few specific features. During the event, there was no stage time given to the iPad, it seems to be that the demo for the app of the Swift Playground was lengthier, apart from that in the whole bargain of talking about the features of the iOS10; the one thing that was forgotten was the iPad.

Boost the Productivity of Your iPad Pro with these Features of the iOS 10

A few users did use the beta version of the iOS 10 and there were a few features which were available which was said to be really beneficial for the iPad Pro and helped the productivity in a lot of ways. One such feature is the synchronization between the document folder and desktop along with the iCloud Drive. If this feature is enabled, you have the ability to go ahead and synchronize your documents easily.

With the help of this feature, you do not have to remember where on the iCloud Drive you have saved the file. The latest feature allows you to go ahead and upload files on the iCloud drive and also have the option of sharing the sheet which is saved on the drive. This means that through the drive, you can go ahead and download the file and manage it easily without any hassles. With just a few taps, it can be saved easily.

While the widgets may not be that useful, however there are new abilities that are being gained thanks to the iOS 10. This helps to ensure that you can view your agenda for the day easily as well as even get regular updates on the weather conditions.

In the Safari, the split view option is something that is awesome and said to be the real thing. It allows you to go ahead and open two tabs at the same time easily. This can be really helpful especially if you are going ahead and comparing information that is essential. Apart from that, another feature that has been added is the keyboard hardware on the iOS10. This allows you to go ahead and disable and enable the autocorrect option whenever you want. You also have the ability to go ahead and turn off or on the auto capitalization option and various other keyboard options that is helpful for you.

For those who have been having problems pertaining to the transition from the physical keyboard to the onscreen one, with the help of this feature, you will have better control over the keyboard and it would be a lot easier for you. This is beneficial especially for those who are trying to get the hang of the new features these new features can really be helpful in a lot of ways. While it may take a little time to get used to it, at the end of the day you will see the productivity improve of your iPad Pro.

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