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Now HomeKit Has been Promoted to iPads So that Devices Like Apple TV Can be Accessed Remotely

Until now, the platform of Apple’s HomeKit had a requirement of the Apple TV in order to gain control of the remote access for most of the accessories. For those who had various other accessories for home automation or even light bulbs which are network connected, then the Apple TV would be needed in order to be connected and control them using the same network and Siri if you were out of the house.

Now HomeKit Has been Promoted to iPads So that Devices Like Apple TV Can be Accessed  Remotely

Now the iPad is getting that capability by Apple, as now the use of access of multiple devices can be used remotely so that all your Apple TV and iPads can work together so that your HomeKit network can be extended. In simple terms, the Apple TV would not be needed in order to gain remote access for the HomeKit, this will also be applicable if your iPad is connected to the network of the WI‐Fi and is left at home. For those who have multiple devices or even the Apple TV and iPad, then all of them will work together automatically with tvOS 10 and iOS 10 so that the speed and reliability of the HomeKit accessories can be remotely controlled.

There are other related improvements that the HomeKit will receive, however on stage that was not highlighted by Apple. Apart from the new features and apps for watchOS 3 and iOS 10, the hand on experience has also been seen. The ability of the iPad and Apple TV are now slowly gaining so that the HomeKit automation can be handled. This includes time triggers and event.

If the user is nowhere close to home, then in that case, they will have a reliable experience, even though the user may not be for an extended period of time near the home network. Even the time zone can be changed based on where the user will be travelling.

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