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Apple TV Fails! Tim Cook’s Big Experiment Goes Wrong

Apple likes experimenting; they test features and develop brilliant ideas. The hardest decisions are taken by Cook, he aborts many projects. They never create things just for the sake of crating, greatness matters. Apple has the capacity of working on various sectors, they say no to these temptations. The company knows their precious brand value can be destroyed. TV is something that greatly interests them; the initial results are very bad. They are pouring in efforts, but that is not yielding great results. This old technology needs new changes, it is decades behind. As life has changed, the viewing habits also changed accordingly.

Apple TV Fails! Tim Cook’s Big Experiment Goes Wrong

Apple had enough of this TV, they eliminated it completely. From October, no TV updates will come in. The backdated model is pretty old, modern technology can’t cope with that. The email reached employees as well as several educational partners. Their tvOS is powerful; all developments will focus on that. The backlog will be fulfilled; partners should concentrate on new purchases. The work of the supply team just got more complex, they will handle the pending orders. Cook is not getting the right signals; this experiment has very low potential.

Future products can also be discontinued; the magnitude of losses will be bigger. The unimpressive interface of normal TVs annoyed Cook. This is something Apple thought about changing, the correct fixes were never implemented. The recording features were terrible too, users had no control whatsoever. This technology was perfect for 1990s; the time capsule has gone way ahead. From retail locations to online stores, the death happened in steps. Apple upgrades very quickly, they don’t give users time to adjust. Their focus on certain high-end products is natural, money really matters for them. Apple will probably not comment; they have nothing else to say. They exceeded the “hobby” level, Cook is happy with that.

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