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Plans of Microsoft to Poach Developers if iOS

Microsoft had hoped that on the mobile front the Windows10 would be a hit; however, thathas not been the case. Now the company has come up with a new plan to bring their apps to windows with the help of iOS developers. For the OSx and iOS developers, a special party is being planned and hosted by Microsoft soon after the opening keynote of Apple on June 13th.

Plans of Microsoft to Poach Developers if iOS

Xamarin is a software company that is co‐  hosting the event. This is also a company that Microsoft owns. They also go ahead and develop various kinds of Tools that can be used by developers who come up various kinds of apps for Windows, android and iOS. It has also been stated that party that is being hosted by Microsoft is going to be held at the Headquarter of Twitter. This is located just behind the venue where Apple plans to host the keynote. This would be the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Developers will not just wine and dine with the free food and drinks; however they will also be accompanied with drones and robots. The interest of the developers may also be gauged by Microsoft with the help of the Azure cloud that can be used for the backend of the apps designed for iOS. Every hour of the event, the company also plans to go ahead and give away an Xbox One as well as Apple Watch Sport. For those who are going to be present for the event, the RSVP can also be sent online.

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