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Yahoo Adds Sports Channels for Apple Tv Users

Finally some sports action for the Apple users. Yahoo has launched their web services for Apple TV. Finally the users of the Apple TV will be able to surf some sports channel too at no cost. All of the sports action can be availed for free. It is a complete free live stream and video highlight service for all the Apple viewers. The service is already available for iOS app and across all the other platforms.

Yahoo Adds Sports Channels for Apple Tv Users

It will allow the users to create custom playlists for video, MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA and some of the other well‐known major leagues. Once the initial setup is done then the Yahoo will be able to deliver personalized feed based on your choice of selection. You will be also able to find the news of sports from the editorial team of Yahoo along with highlight and live streams of various sports. The user may also be able to watch the recent news, highlights from MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA followed by the other top leagues of the soccer around the world. The app will also show in depth analysis of the sports games. Yahoo is also planning to launch their exclusive app service for the Apple TV 4 in the coming months. Yahoo is foreseeing a lot of plans for the users of the Apple TV. They are expanding on the features for the users to expand their base on Apple TV.

Yahoo is one of the most popular channels for surfing all the news related to sports and now after adding the editorial features, the company expects to see a hike in the number of the active users. Yahoo is working on real time highlights for their sports viewers. The updates are expected to be rolling time sooner for the Apple Tv users in the market. Ref Link:

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