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How I Became A Fan Of Apple TV?

There has been a lot of issues off lately with Apple devices like password entry issue, Siri remote issues etc. Apple TV as a product took really long to be completely turned around as a product. It’s kind of funny even after so many issues with Apple, I’ve started enjoying it. A lot of tech companies did a lot of experiments in the market with their consumers.

How I Became A Fan Of Apple TV?

It took off really well however crashed down ultimately however Apple TV is somehow growing upon me. Apple TV took a real slow start in the market. It first arrived last fall when it did not support iOS remote app allowing fast text input. Apple has done a lot of modifications to their remote app for making it convenient for the users. A feature of spoken password was added to the remote too. Earlier due to the high sensitivity of the remote caused quick response from the interface even if the finger has been accidentally strayed upon it however now the fine tuning adjustments has been done with the software to protect such incidents. There have been a lot of magical moments in the journey of the apps for Apple too.

I am a baseball fan and I am subscribed to MLB At Bat video service, streaming each and every baseball games. I quite enjoy myself launching the app for watching the baseball recorded past games on my Apple TV. There are a lot of games which are being played and I quite enjoy streaming couple of games together on the Two‐Up mode of MLB TV. If one game goes in short interval commercial, I easily swipe on Apple TV to bring the other game forward. It switches the audio automatically too. No such facility is available on any of the device except Apple TV.

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