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Mad Money Interviews Tim Cook And Comes Out With The Future of iPhones

In the recent interview attended by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple on Mad Money, the Chief Executive Officer of the company stated that the future of Apple iPhones will be so bright and futuristic that no one can dream of it. The company is known to show innovations beyond the imaginative horizon of the general public and has promised to bring more features to the future iPhones which will stun everyone.

Mad Money Interviews Tim Cook And Comes Out With The Future of iPhones

The main issue that the CEO had come to address was the recent drastic downfall in the Apple stocks and shares. Though everything about the demise of Apple stocks is out in the open, the CEO still reassured all the investors that the down fall has been greatly exaggerated by the media and that there is nothing really to worry about. Along with all these there were many issues the CEO addressed during this meeting. Some of them are:

∙ According to the CEO, the reaction Wall Street showed against the demise of Apple shares is quite over the top, as per Tim Cook. He stated that their turnover may have been less as per the expectations of Wall Street, but as compared to other similar companies, they were above par.

∙ He went on into saying that the new iPhone 7 will contain features which one had never thought about. Moreover, after using the iPhone and its features, one will not be able to live without the features, as per the CEO.

Tim Cook has been really impressed by the way China has reacted to the latest iPhone SE model. As per the reports, the demand for this model of the iPhone has been maximum in China and has made the CEO regret for not taking the demands of the middle class prospects of China into account.

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