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Top News: iPhone SE Finally Scores, FBI’s Problems And Arrival Of PlayStation

Several things are happening in Apple’s universe, from new arrivals to FBI issues. The firm was really worried about iPhone SE’s future as the handset showed no growth, but finally it is selling out. Latest bugs have plagued iOS 9.3.1 and the fixes are not adequate. Meanwhile, FBI failed to successfully hack all iPhone models and they might require Apple’s help. But cool new arrivals are enriching the App ecosystem and PlayStation 4 will definitely please gaming enthusiasts.

Top News: iPhone SE Finally Scores, FBI’s Problems And Arrival Of PlayStation

Some previous launches performed much better than iPhone SE and Localytics showed the exact figures. But iPhone SE’s market positioning was different; this phone was more of an upgrade. Majority of users waited for the bigger variety and iPhone 7 is coming in a few days.

iOS 9.3.1 problems

Once again it has happened to Apple and iOS 9.3.1 keeps on troubling users. The security aspect of this update is poor and the pictures were exposed along with contact data. The problem was discovered by “Videosdebarraquito”, who is a YouTube user. After some uncommon actions, the problem started and 3D Touch was involved in the mix. Apple’s PR team averted the disaster and their servers fixed everything. By doing this, operational secrets were not exposed and technically it is brilliant. Sony is serious about PlayStation and Mac users can stream any game now. The two ecosystems will merge and more firmware updates will come in the future.

FBI Problems, Apple Pay expansion

FBI is solving a technical issue non‐technically and the friction is created due to that. Some strange methods gave them access, but their limited power surprised everyone. James Comey didn’t make any further comments and shifted his attention to other cases. Their tool is not highly advanced and they are confident about coming up with a powerful tool very soon. Apple Pay is expanding awfully fast and quickly it will become globally recognized. Success in United Kingdom will help them figure out the next plan and the promotional efforts are yielding great results.

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