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iPhone 6s Isn’t A One Handed Phone But New iPhone SE Is One

It’s quite often reported by the users of Apple iphones that it was a one handed phone until Apple started making larger phones. The users little finger began to suffer for these large phones. The iPhones have to be handled with both the hands. Undoubtedly, the iPhone 6s is a wonderful phone and its display is gorgeous. It is quite faster with a great camera. It has a large display of 4.7 inch.

iPhone 6s Isn’t A One Handed Phone But New iPhone SE Is One

As it cannot be used with one hand it comes with a feature called ‘Reachability’. This feature is such that it allows one to reach the top screen by double tapping the thumb against the home button. But unfortunately, this feature has been found as frustrating that to be useful. The little finger has no work in the phone but to keep it as a rest under the phone to hold the phone.

The hand of a person is not so big that it could reach all the four corners of the phone with the thumb. The one and only way is to use both the hands where the pinkie acts as a safety guard to have a secure grasp. With the use of iPhone 6 and 6s the pinkies took their toll.

iPhone 6s Isn’t A One Handed Phone But New iPhone SE Is One

But with the launch of the new iPhone SE many people are relieved of this problem as it can be handled with one hand and it provides a wonderful ability to grip and the pinkie is relieved of its safeguarding the phone and the toll. But iPhone SE has a demerit of the storage space which is only 64 GB whereas iPhone 6shas got a 128 GB capacity and it has also got a 4 inch display whereas iPhone 6s has got a 4.7 inch display. So it has become a little difficult to type.

Well iPhone 7 would take the market very soon with all the cool facilities but till sometime the pinkies would get some time to heal.

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