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Reviews Of The Independent And TechRadar Regarding The iPhone SE

The press was allowed to go hand‐on by Apple during the launch event of the iPhone SE. There were also various publications provided by the company.

Reviews Of The Independent And TechRadar Regarding The iPhone SE

The first impressions and reviews of the iPhone SE has been positive so far as the phone has been flourished with a lot of praises inregards to what is under the hood of the iPhone SE As per the reviews that are floating around, it is said that the iPhone is a phone that is perfect for those people who want to experience the iPhone flagship of the company in a form factor that is small. The exterior of the phone was called sleek and svelte by TechRadar as well as it was stated that the iPhone SE handling capability was similar to that of the iPhone 5s.

The detailed review of the phone by Tech Radar included valuable points like the fact that the exemplary person of the iPhone SE was on par with the iPhones of the higher end. It does not give the user the feeling of just settling for an iPhone that can be handled easily. They also wentahead to say the handling experience of the iPhone SE was a lovely thing especially for those who are used to handling the iPhone 6S. The phone is cute, dainty and even though it gives the same feel of the 5S however there is a lot more that is there on the form. The exception in this case is the fact that this phone has a form factor of 4″.

The speculations of The Independent also had been very positive. They stated that the iPhone would appeal those who are already used to the iPhone that is 4″ however for those who are used to the larger sized screen; it could take a little time to adjust.

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