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Apple Privacy Team And Their Work

The very first person in charge of the issues in Apple data in the perspective of policy and legal issues is a top level worker by the name of Jane Horvath. According to a report posted a few days back, before joining Apple as their data scrutinizer, she worked at Google as a counsel for global privacy. After the incident of Location Gate in the year 2011, the company hired Jane Horvath to look after the privacy rules and enforce them on iOS devices. During this issue, there were a number of iOS devices which were actually saving the user’s data and their whereabouts.

Apple Privacy Team And Their Work

The second person of this elite team is Guy Tribble, the Vice President of Software Technology. He is in charge of the iOS privacy system and works with the various engineers to ensure that the privacy is maintained. The last but equally important part of the Apple privacy team is Erik Neuenschwander, who basically works as a supervisor of the engineers constructing the privacy coding. Not only does he scrutinize the whole coding process, but also at times personally check and change the coding is required.

Although the team works separately almost all the time, they need to report to the senior vice president as well as the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, in case they encounter a serious and complex issue. The main aim of the team is to make sure that the data of the users are only stored in the iPhones, iPads or any other iOS devices used by the user and not reach the Apple server. This is required in order to keep the privacy of the users of Apple iOS devices secure, even from the manufacturers of the company. This also makes sure that the company cannot use personal data to profile any user.

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