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To Have or not To Have the Bulge?

There are many smartphone models for the varied choices of people. Under the roof of Apple, one can also find many models with different styles and techniques. As this company keeps on upgrading or improving their launches continually, so their loyal customers are spoilt with options to choose from. The same thing has taken place with the news of launching the new iPhone 7. The changes in the new phone as compared to the old one have given rise to differences in response which is a very normal thing.

To Have or not To Have the Bulge?

What’s the change?

If iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/6 and iPhone 7 be compared, then it can be well understood that the concerned change is regarding the type of camera and the thickness of the phone. The iPhone SE had the thickness of 7.6mm which was slightly reduced in iPhone 6/6S and it was 7.1mm but this gave rise to a bulging camera which does not look that good.

So, keeping all this in mind, iPhone 7 was launched with combining the two. A thinner flush camera module was selected to sit within the case, so that the bulging subsides and people can easily handle it.

Reaction of users

Well, the responses of users are divided because all are thinking from their own perspective. To some the bulge killed the appearance and it was a bit tough to take out from pockets. To some ‘thinness’ of a smartphone is very important and they were happy with the reduction. Again, there were some who were least bothered about the bulge and were only concerned with camera and its picture quality. If the camera performs well, tolerating a bulge or bump is a trivial thing.

So, ignore the bulge and concentrate on the lens but if look matters, choose what appeals. It seems that majority will accept the slight change in millimeters.

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