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Unblocking ads in Facebook Seems to Have Become a Whack the Mole Game

It seems to be that the game of wack a mole has already stated just two days after the ad blocking software was blocked by Facebook; it seems to be that the ad blocker-blocker of Facebook has been blocked by the ad blockers. A new filter was announced by Ad block plus has been added to the filter list of Easy list for which the extension has been used. For those who want the ad blocking action, here is an update on how it can be forced.

Unblocking ads in Facebook Seems to Have Become a Whack the Mole Game

As per TechCrunch, a new code had been rolled by Facebook which can work as a workaround for Ad blocking Plus. In return, a new filter has been rolled out by Ad block plus which is said to be a new workaround. The response by Facebook on this front was another patch which is said to be a break to the new filter of Adblock Plus. This is the reason why it is said that the game of the Whack a mold is indeed n between the two.

A spokesperson stated that the fact that people are being pushed by ad blocking companies is something that is said to be disappointing, the attempt is said to be not just about ad blocking, but on Facebook it is also is going to the extent where the posts from pages and friends are getting blocked. There are plans for addressing the issue as the experience is something that is not good.

Considered as blunt instruments, ad blockers have been the reason behind the whole focus to build ad preferences and other such tools. It seems to be that the words Pushing People is a bit too much, for those who want to manage the preferences, they can do so by going ahead and clicking on the arrow that is located on the top left hand corner and select the option for managing the ad preferences.

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