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The Stand that Apple Took for the San Bernardino Case Proved Right by a Demonstration of Microsoft’s Simple Mistake

There was a piece that had been written pertaining to the fact that why the stand that Apple took pertaining to the San Bernardino shooting case was right. Another thing that was mentioned was the fact about the various dangerous there is for the master key to be handed over to the FBI for unlocking the iPhone.

The Stand that Apple Took for the San Bernardino Case Proved Right by a Demonstration of Microsofts Simple Mistake

The point of argument that had been put across was about the fact that if the master key fell into the wrong hands by mistake while unlocking the iPhone; it can lead to a lot of problems. The reason is because apart from the FBI, there would be other enforcement agencies of the law that would also get their hands on the master key, over time, ever precinct house of the police would have access to it which can further result to complications.

There could be a possibility that somehow it can be leaked out and then that can create a real issue. This analysis was made on the basis of the recent situation that Microsoft was in where in a code had left the possession of the company by leaking out a Windows backdoor that is universal. This is a code that can be used to unlock the windows devices such as tablets and phones that Secure Boot protects.

With this key, the person can go ahead and get the necessary access to the device, however this key is only applicable to phones and surface services and not desktops. However, the point here is that the fact that this key has been leaked out, clearly means that a few Microsoft devices have become compromised clearly. This is due to the fact that the code leaked out when it should have been guarded fiercely by the company. This was a simple mistake that was made by one person; however it has put Microsoft in such a situation. This is the main reason why the stand that Apple took was justified and right.

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