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The Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung May Just Go Ahead and Take a Few Users of Apple

The battle between Apple and Samsung clearly shows the rivalry between the two companies pertaining to the latest phablets and the right timing, by the looks of it; it seems to be that that giant of North Korea may have just found a formula that is right which can help the company steal a few iPhone customers.

The Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung May Just Go Ahead and Take a Few Users of Apple

The Galaxy Note 7 was released recently which was said to be a phablets that measured 5.7″ and came along with a SPen Stylus. It is said that the latest model is said to be the company’s premium device which is on the high end and is loaded with various kinds of features. Along with a screen that has a curved edge, there are other features like for unlocking the use of iris scanner and even the latest technology for the camera. With this device, analysts are stating that this is a perfect example of how when it comes to leading the innovation edge, the company has what it takes.

Samsung now has plans to that during their event in the summer, they plan to release Note. As per IHS analysts, in comparison to Huawei and Apple, the strategy that Samsung uses is a lot differs and is defined in the margins that can be seen. All in all if you look at things, the key factor here is timing.

Recently we have seen that due to the decline in the sales of iPhones, there has been a struggle that is very obvious; however the company’s determination still goes strong. However, if the marketing is done on the right way, the Samsung may just be able to go ahead and pull a few Apple customers. There is a chance that if the shackles of the ecosystem of Apple are broken by Samsung then the chance of wrapping users is something that can be seen easily.

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